Thursday, September 23, 2021

Longest Day At Hite

Photo by Gary Durr.

Gary says:

"EWG...East Bound.... Full daylight.... it's 06:30 in the morning ... the longest days of the year... June 20, 2017... and...with a 20 cylinder former MRL SD45 leading. Well seasoned and Highly skilled Engineer Bruce Butler is at the throttle this beautiful morning...The Location... Hite, Washington. A rather large cut of BNSF cars are on the head end of this days train. These were picked up from Govan, Wilbur and Davenport and are destined for interchange to the BNSF at Cheney... They will be cut out at Geiger Jct for the Geiger turn to take to Cheney Washington, while the rest of the train will be shoved back into the Grain facility at Four Lakes to be unloaded."

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