Friday, September 24, 2021

EWG Grinding At Deep Creek

Photo by Gary Durr.

June 13, 2018

Gary says:

"A beautiful day and rare Eastbound Daylight run up Deep creek got this train master out of the office this day to witness the scene... Engineer Bruce Butler, in Charge of 2 SD45's(328 & 329) and an SD40T-2(8702), has the train of 64 loaded hoppers well in hand as he has just topped the 1 percent grade and made it through Killer Curve. This location is Thorp RD just West of MP14, where the old GN(BNSF) Columbia River Sub crosses over the Former NP CW main...he has just throttled down to notch 6 from 8 and is enjoying his run to Hiline Grain at Four Lakes...The sound of the 20 cylinder EMD's howling up Deep creek grade out in the open fresh country side is worth experiencing. in this day of modern GE loco's, it is a treat to hear these old GROUND POUNDERS doing what GOD and EMD designed them for... PULLING."

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