Thursday, June 9, 2022

EWG Transformer Special

Photo by Ted Curphey.

May 2017

EWG Transformer Special starting it's assault on 1.9% Deep Creek Hill. Deep Creek is a old community, even predating Spokane by years. It was a popular watering hole on the Colville trail when in the waning days of the 49'er gold strike in California, reports of gold in the Colville Mountains brought many a hard luck 49'er north along a path between Fort Walla Walla and Colville. But the Northern Transcon would bypass Deep Creek and favor Spokane with prosperity for decades to come. Today Deep Creek is a forgotten station on the old NP Central Washington RR, now operated by the Eastern Washington Gateway RR.

Eastern Washington Gateway's Transformer Special moving through Medical Lake this afternoon with Zachary Hastings and Gary Durr in charge.

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